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Welcome to my personal-website

>>just a GEEK<<

{Welcome to INTJ & ENTJ `s world (MB-TI test result)}

my name is Kian Jalali & I’m so interested to working on hi-tech computer science job`s, I enjoy life , science , learning , working , thinking* and exercising.

I enjoy to work with you if you think you can help me to learn better things and learn organized with better performance.

I enjoy to teach you if you relay love science for science not for money. ;D

I relay like to work on BigData , DataMining , AI, hi-tech Platforms, Akka, Spark, ElasticSearch, ReactiveProgramming, Math,…

I am a Scala Programmer Level A3,L2 and I wish to be a A3, L3

look at this lecture from Scala website

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You can contact me with this Email address